Raise a serious issue of judge

demand higher levels for players with more experience and achievements


As you know, Mrs. Arakawa is the vice-president of Japan Skating Federation. Depending on the performance of the players, the level of performance the judges are looking for differs from player to player. In other words, at All Japan Figure Skating Championships 2019, "the scoring of each player may not be done on an equal footing" will be the official opinion of the Japan Skating Federation. Is that correct?
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キャリアや実績のある選手ほど、ジャッジや観客が求めるレベルも高い。 3人が一堂にそろい、それぞれの戦いを見せてくれたことに感謝したい。
「荒川静香の目」 読売新聞2019年12月24日付

The Championship Men, who played until the 22nd, had a special opportunity to compete on the same stage with the world's top players such as Uno, Hanyu, and Takahashi, and young men who had longed for his appearance since childhood.
The players were not in the best condition, possibly because of difficulties in adjusting their conditions,
but judges and spectators demand higher levels for players with more experience and achievements. I would like to thank the three of them for coming together to show their fight.
Following their seniors, 16 year-old Kagiyama Yuma (Kanagawa Seisa International High School Yokohama) and 15 year-old Sato Shun (Saitama Sakae High School) showed majestic performances. Although there was concern about nurturing a generation that would follow Uno's, the junior generation is fully equipped to fight in the world, and I look forward to the full-fledged participation of the senior. He will eventually become a threat to Uno and Hanyu.
The most important thing for young people to grow up is to feel the back of their seniors who are fighting in the world. The feeling that the strength of the Japanese men has been firmly inherited is a source of hope for the future. (Turin Olympics gold medalists)
"eye of Shizuka Arakawa" Yomiuri Shimbun, December 24, 2019