Japanese Nationals: A Recap/日本選手権:要約

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デイブ・リース日本スケ連をメッタ斬り 全日本後の海外の反応

デイブ・リース (Dave Lease) ジェニファー・カークと“The Skating Lesson”を運営

Given the liberal nature of the criteria, the political history of the JSF and the injured status of the inconsistent mega-star Daisuke Takahashi, one could easily speculate about the high probability of federation machinations.

It is important to note that Daisuke Takahashi is a star athlete in Japan capable of bringing in ratings and advertising dollars

Our hearts wins out over our heads.
Unfortunately, his bleeding hand might as well have been a metaphor for the current state of his skating ability.

Takahiko Kozuka performed solidly this weekend. In a fair world,
he would be returning to the Olympic Games. Fairness and goodness have never had any place in the sport of figure skating.

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One skater who appeared to be judged rather conservatively was Nobunari Oda.
Though he had an imperfect short program, the judges were far less forgiving than they were with Daisuke Takahashi.


Those with experience in witnessing political maneuvering point to Oda’s quad being called
underrotated in the short program at the NHK Trophy as an indication that
the Japanese Skating Federation has had plans to dump him for some time.

「The Skating Lesson」とは、女子シングル元アメリカ代表選手のジェニファー・カークさんと自らもスケートをするブロガーのデイブ・リースさんにより運営されているサイト。

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