Tara and Johnny: Reviewing the season’s fashions

Tara and Johnny: Reviewing the season’s fashions


Johnny Weir: Mao is interesting because it seems like she always likes to stay in the baby blue and lavender and gentle colors and she loves the pastels. She doesn’t really change for anyone and I love that she knows what she likes and she wears what she likes. It gives her confidence and it gives her power. I think that is something that a lot of people in figure skating forget is that they let their designers decide what they’ll wear and Mao has a little hand in everything that she’s doing and it shows on the ice.

ジョニ子「衣装は己を鼓舞する戦闘服」 ← かなり意訳


Tara Lipinski: Mao, to me, is the one girl that comes to the party and never wears the same thing and I always love it! She is always so beautiful and has a natural purple or lilac colored dress. Most importantly, she wears dresses that flatter her body.




Yuna Kim’s debut: Love it or hate it?
Lipinski: Everyone was against me: they loved her short program dress and while I loved the design and the cut, I didn’t love the color. I love Yuna in black, so I thought in the free skate the dress was so classic and simple and gorgeous. The short program costume is a beautiful dress, but I just didn’t love the color.



Yuna Kim’s long program costume
Weir: I loved the chartreuse for “Send in the Clowns,” but I hoped for a more fashionable and artistic representation of the Piazzolla free program [seen above].



でもジョニ子は “I loved the chartreuse” シャリュトリューズイエローが好きなんですって。良かったね。